(record review)Eyes of the Living-War On Dead-More Dead(Pavement Entertainment)

Sometimes on a mid week evening, all you need is good hard thrash metal to make your life great and make that metal blood run through your veins again. Eyes of the Living from Pennsylvania, USA are one of such bands. I listened and reviewed their new album out now on Pavement Entertainment for my zine.

Eyes of the Living_War on Dead - More Dead

The album contains 15 songs, some of the tracks being interludes and outro which serve to upgrade the story about the zombie apocalypse and survival in the postapocalyptic world of the undead more and give us the listeners more bloody pleasure. The music of Eyes of the Living can be described as modern and brutal thrash metal with tight musicianship and brutal riffs. The brutal drum pounding of Run for your life makes you wanna run from the undead for real. The nice guitar solo melody at the beginning of the song called Infected only lulls you to false peace before the double bass pedal, thunderous riffs and shouted vocals tear you to pieces. The music is not tupa tupa fast drumming Slayer-like beat, but more creeping midtempo and pounding rolling apocalypse which serves as soundtrack to the end of the world. My only little thing that bothered me while listening to this album is that some songs sounded too similar one to another, but hey maybe it is just me. This is a strong thrash modern metal album, so check this one out!





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